How to install Gas Cylinder Level Sensor? Where to install it?2023-08-22T09:33:25+08:00

Gas Cylinder Level Sensor can only be installed at bottom center of the tank.

Can it be installed on the top or side? Or only can be installed at the bottom?2023-08-22T09:31:37+08:00

Since the ultrasonic wave is propagated vertically, the sensor can only be installed at the bottom center of the tank. If installed on the side where there is liquid, the measured reading is the diameter of the tank; If installed at the top, there is no reading.

When do I need to apply it? Where is the coupling agent applied? What does it do?2023-08-22T09:30:20+08:00

A small amount of coupling agent needs to be applied before each sensor installation. The purpose of the coupling agent is to prevent air between the sensor and the tank wall, since air will prevent the transmission of ultrasonic waves.

How do I get a level reading for my Gas Cylinder/Propane Bottle?2023-08-22T09:29:22+08:00

You’ll need a smartphone (ios or Android) and download SMART TANKS /EchoCheck app.

How does the device connect to the APP?2023-08-22T09:26:30+08:00

The sensor uses Bluetooth broadcast mode to communicate with the smartphone. When using the sensor for the first time, the user needs to turn on Bluetooth and the “SMART TANKS” app, then press the “SYNC” button on the back of the sensor for more than 5 seconds until the new tank information appears on the “SMART TANKS” app interface.

How many phones can one Gas Cylinder Level Sensor sensor be connected to?2023-08-11T16:29:31+08:00

Each sensor can connect to multiple phones simultaneously.

What size tank is Gas Cylinder Level Sensor suitable for?2023-08-11T16:26:45+08:00

Gas Cylinder Level Sensor can be applied to the following cylinders :5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 48kg, 50kg, 20lb, 30lb, 40lb, 100lb.

What is the measurement accuracy?2023-08-11T16:24:28+08:00

Measurement accuracy: 0.5%

What is the Bluetooth signal range on Gas Cylinder Level Sensor?2023-08-11T16:19:42+08:00

The Bluetooth signal range in open conditions is 150m; If installed at the center bottom of the tank, the Bluetooth signal range is 25m.

What is the protection level of the sensor? Is the sensor waterproof?2023-08-11T16:18:07+08:00


Is there a measurement blind spot?2023-08-11T16:16:26+08:00

Yes, the blind area is about 4cm, which means that the sensor can’t measure liquid levels below 4cm.

How to calibrate Gas Cylinder Level Sensor?2023-08-11T16:14:16+08:00

No calibration required.

What size tanks can be measured? Can larger tanks be measured?2023-08-11T16:10:02+08:00

The maximum measuring range of the sensor is 1.5m, which means that the height of the tank can’t exceed 1.5m. So you can measure up to 100lb/50KG of tanks.

Can the sensor only measure steel? Is plastic glass OK? Is double layer OK?2023-08-11T16:07:34+08:00

This product can only be installed on steel and must be single-layer tank. If it is other storage tanks, please consult your local agent.

Can Gas Cylinder Level Sensor only measure propane tanks?2023-08-11T15:57:58+08:00

The ultrasonic principle can measure many liquids, but this product is primarily designed to measure propane, if you have other storage tanks to measure, please consult your local agent.

What is the operating temperature range of Gas Cylinder Level Sensor?2023-08-11T15:56:25+08:00

Gas Cylinder Level Sensor operating temperature: -20℃~60℃.

How do I replace the battery when it’s dead? Does replacing the battery require reconnecting the phone?2023-08-11T15:54:37+08:00

You need to use a flat-head screwdriver to open the back cover and replace the battery with a new one. After replacing the battery, you need to press the “SYNC” button for more than 5 seconds to reconnect with the phone.

What type of battery does Gas Cylinder Level Sensor use? Where can I buy one?2023-08-11T15:49:09+08:00

Gas Cylinder Level Sensor uses CR2032 battery, which you can buy at your local supermarket or store.

Do I need to reconnect the tank when replacing it?2023-08-11T15:40:43+08:00

No need for that.

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