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Non-invasive Ultrasonic Level Sensor

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The sensor is attached to the bottom of the tank by magnets.

Do not open the tank, the installation process is safe.

Easy and reliable wireless Tank Level Remote Monitoring.

Check tank information on your phone or computer at any time.


Gas Cylinder Level Sensor

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The sensor is attached to the bottom of the gas cylinder by magnets.

No calibration is required by the end-user.

Non-invasive Level Measurement

Easy to install.

two-point level switch

Two-Point Level Switch

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The sensor is glued externally to the wall of the tank.

No drilling or modification to the tank is required

No calibration is required by the end-user.

Multi-point liquid level or control single point liquid level control.


Tank Level Measurement and Tank Remote Monitoring Solutions Provider – THINCKE (TNK)

THINCKE (TNK) has been focusing on Tank Level Measurement and Wireless Tank Remote Monitoring for storage Tanks, Tanker Truck and Gas Cylinders.

THINCKE (TNK) is committed to the research and development and production of Non-invasive ultrasonic level sensor, Radar (FMCW) Level Sensor, and Remote Terminal Units.
Our Tank level measurement Instrumentation widely used in Propane tanks, Fuel tanks, and Gas Cylinders. In addition, the Wireless Tank Remote Monitoring System can be used not only in fixed storage Tanks but also in Tanker Trucks.

Level Measurement, Remote Monitoring

Tank Remote Monitoring Solutions

We are able to provide you not only with stable, safe, and accurate Tank Remote Monitoring Solutions for you to improve efficiency, safety, service, and profitability.

THINCKE Trusted By

Tank level measurement Instrumentation

THINCKE (TNK) designs and produces ultrasonic liquid level sensors, ultrasonic flow meters, ultrasonic sensors, and other tank level measurement devices based on our research and development strengths.

How-to Guides

  • What should be considered when selecting a reliable partner in the Tank Level Measurement industry?
  • How to choose the level sensor that suits your unique needs for your tank?
  • How to combine your present demand and future requirements?
  • Take a few minutes to have a look at our “How To”. Let our experience spare you from common mistakes.
  • Regarding how to choose a suitable Tank Level Measurement and Tank Remote Monitoring for your tanks, you don’t have to be a sensor expert, our professional and pertinent suggestions will help you get the whole picture of the total solution.

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