Thincke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

THINCKE is dedicated to the remote monitoring of industrial assets, providing industrial IoT solutions to help you improve efficiency, security, service levels and profitability.

We are THINCKE, a company that develops, designs and manufactures hardware and software for the Internet of Things, including telematics and sensor design and production.
We develop and manufacture hardware and software for the IoT, including remote information processing and sensor design and production. Provides solutions for Remote Management, Fleet Management, and GPS tracking of industrial storage tanks.
The Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Level Sensor designed and produced by us has been widely used in Propane tanks, Fuel tanks, and Gas Cylinders. In addition, the Remote Management System developed by us can be used not only in fixed storage tanks but also in Tanker Trucks.
We are an ambitious, fast growing and customer-focused company.
Our vision is to provide the most efficient means of transport for a sustainable world.
We started our journey back in 2012.
Since then, we’ve grown from a team of three to a team of over 50 people.
From local companies to international companies with customers in 57 countries/regions.
Today, we develop, design and manufacture hardware, firmware and software products for fleet management and GPS tracking.
We offer off-the-shelf telematics solutions.
Our mission is to reduce customer workload by accelerating ease of use, prediction and automation.
Our values are courage, care and development.
Our goal is to provide only the best quality products, solutions and services.

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