Economic Drive solution

Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety and set-up a motivation system by monitoring driver behaviour.

Economic Drive solution monitors drivers’ behavior by analyzing parameters that impact fuel consumption and safe driving.

Driver ranking and motivation

Rank drivers by performance and identify places for improvement.

Driver behaviour information can be used to set-up a motivation or remuneration system for drivers. For example, drivers with the highest fuel efficiency and safe driving scores can be rewarded.

In addition, Eco-Drive solution provides data to evaluate driver’s performance by taking into account more details. It allows seeing how safely and economically an employee is driving.

Economical driving

Reduce fuel consumption by teaching economical driving.

Driver behavior analytics and reports show which driving skills and areas need improvement. It helps to understand, how employee driving style should change in order to drive economically and do not waste any fuel.

Eco-Drive solution also shows the amount of wasted fuel. This calculation is based on idling time, extreme brakings, harsh brakings, RPM’s and cruise control data.

Road safety

Improve fleet safety by measuring dangerous driving points.

Economic Drive solution calculates dangerous driving points for each driver and vehicle. Dangerous driving points are based on extreme braking, overspeeding, harsh braking and harsh acceleration events.


  • 危险驾驶率
  • 燃油浪费率
  • 驱动距离
  • 行车时间
  • 燃油消耗
  • 超速行驶时间百分比
  • 行驶时间红线中的RPM
  • 极端制动事件率
  • 苛刻事件发生率
  • 严酷加速事件发生率
  • 怠速%
  • 巡航控制系统使用量占可用百分比
  • 危险驾驶要点
  • 平均速度
  • 极端制动事件
  • 耗油量
  • 浪费燃油
  • 严酷的加速事件
  • 严酷的刹车事件
  • 空转持续时间
  • 最高转速/分钟
  • 最大速度
  • 正常制动事件率
  • 正常制动事件
  • 浪费的燃料占消耗的燃料的百分比
  • 超速持续时间