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Fleet management system

REMOTE MANAGE and MONITOR TANKER TRUCK, Intelligent fleet management systems are carefully designed to effectively manage and monitor your commercial vehicle and the storage tanks it carries.

  • Preventing Fuel Theft
  • Significant fuel cost savings
  • Accurate fuel range analysis for each vehicle in the entire fleet
  • Manage the entire fleet on a single platform
  • Remote tank monitoring via our mobile application or Web application
  • Instant alerts via SMS, email and app notifications
  • Reduce your free time

For remote communication applications, THINCKE can be connected to GPS tracking devices.
This allows accurate monitoring of liquid assets and helps detect fuel usage and possible fuel theft


We are able to provide you not only with stable, safe, and accurate liquid level measurement equipment, but also with market-leading industrial IoT tools to improve efficiency, safety, service, and profitability.

Advantage of Fleet management system

Tank Truck Monitoring System

  • Remote real-time measurement monitoring of mobile storage tanks.

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Precise Fuel Monitoring System

  • Monitor fuel level and prevent fuel thefts.

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Vehicle Tracking

  • Real-time vehicle tracking is a proven way to improve fleet performance. Optimize operating costs, increase efficiency and save time.

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Economic Drive solution

  • Reduce fuel consumption, improve fleet safety and set-up a motivation system by monitoring driver behaviour.

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