• Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor
  • Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor
  • Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor

Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor

Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor is 80 GHz Radar, based on FMCW technology, for continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids.

  • Continuous, non-contact level measurement, pumping stations, open channels etc..
  • 80 GHz Radar.
  • Measuring range: 0-20 m / 66 ft.
  • Bluetooth, Quickly set the parameters and view the data through APP.
  • Suitable for liquid storage tank, Online River Water Level Monitoring.
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Wireless Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor for Selection

Model: TNK-R80W

Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor is ultra-low power design, so it can be freely combined with GPRS and help customers save on cabling costs.
It has the following options to meet your communication needs:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. 4-20mA
  3. RS-485
  4. GPRS/NB IoT

Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor Applications

Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor can not only be installed above the river to measure the River Water Level, but also can be installed on various liquid storage tanks for continuous measurement without contact with the liquid level in the tank.

How to install and How to debug Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor

You only need a mobile phone and some basic tools to install and debug the Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor.


Technical Specifications

TNK-R80W is a 2-wire 80GHz radar sensor suitable for water, wastewater, and other liquids.

As it is a millimeter wave radar, it can operate normally in extremely harsh environments such as high dust and rainy days. In addition, it is also suitable for non-contact and continuous measurement of  storage tanks, tank truck, rivers,lakes, wastewater, sludge and other liquids.

  • DC 24 V
  • 2-wire, loop-powered
  • FMCW technology
  • 80 GHz Radar
  • Proven PP Drop antenna, insensitive to condensation or deposits
  • Narrow beam angle (3°) for a sharp focus on the medium
  • ±2 mm / ±0.08" accuracy
  • Maintenance-free concept
  • Installation and operation made simple, safe and secure
  • Extensive choice of accessories
  • 3-year warranty
Product name Radar (FMCW) Water Level Sensor
Product model TNK-R80W
Radar operating frequency 76-81 GHz
Measuring range (liquids) 0…20 m/0…66 ft
Mode of connection 2-wire
Level measurement type Continuous measurement
Product positioning For liquids in the water and wastewater industry
Measurement variables Distance, Level, Mass, Reflection, Volume
Measurement principle Radar
Ambient temperature -40…+80°C/-40…+176°F
Communication 4-20mA, RS-485, Bluetooth, GPRS, NB-IoT
Accuracy (liquids) ±2 mm/±0.08 in
Protection grade IP 68

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